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YouTube: UFO OVNI NASA STS-128 8th September 2009 as payload in being put back o

Thank author of this post/commentI was watching live feeds from nasa tv, when I noticed this blue ring manafest in front of me . The time was 1:30.AM GMT on the 8th September 2009, I have seen in the past light blooms, but this was different. for you Gary mckinnon To Harriet Harman MP (e.mailed today) I have read the Times-Online article dated 2nd August 2009 reporting that you were defending the decision by ministers not to intervene in the case of Gary mckinnon so as to follow the important principle that Ministers should not make judgements about the criminal justice system. ...Considering Garys position within the context of his diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome and, furthermore, the particular characteristics of his diagnosis (which I am not privy to), I think there is reason for ministers to be very alert, concerned and involved in what appears to be happening.  To me there is a very strong sense that the proposed extradition of Gary and the possibility/likelihood that he will lose his liberty is disproportionate in the context of both his position in society as a disabled person and his Human Rights. I am well aware that Human Rights may be limited in some cases but, at the same time I think that the way this matter is being handled could be construes as both inhumane and degrading for a disabled person for which there can be no excuse.  The volume of very welcome legislation supporting disabled people in recent years clearly has the long term aim of including disabled people X;b>...X;/b>
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I am not that of a believer of UFOs. But my mind is not closed to the idea that there might be some other form of life far away from our planet. Come to think of it, how could they come here if they are light years away from us? Just like us, it is impossible for our space crafts to actually reach their location. I have nothing against those who believe in this extra terrestrial beings, just stating my views here.
Presence of extra terrestrial beings and on speculation of sight of UFO's are one of the major controversies which are being debated on. Are there really UFO's being sighted or it is the fiction of our imagination. But not everybody on the planet who have claimed to have seen them are in hallucination mood are they. The fact no one knows; but debate still goes on.
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John Michael

There are really people who believe in UFO because as what they said that they saw a UFO in person. How I wish I could also see a UFO so that I have also something to tell to everyone. But ever since I don't get a chance to see it even in my dreams. I am very interested to this matter and I really want to find out if it is a real one.
Thank author of this post/comment"Living on a UFO"

Earth is a UFO we are already living on a UFO!
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    How to live long term in a UFO 'YouTube: UFO OVNI NASA STS-128 8th September 2009 as payload in being put back o'
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